Freedom From Comparing Our Insides to Others’ Outsides

As I drove home from work the other evening I entered my little city which has tree lined streets with leaves ablaze in the many fall flavors and colors.  I reflected on so many other autumn days as life has taken so many curves throughout the years I have lived in this wonderful spot.


I found myself doing something that I did as I grew up, driving along the quaint streets of my hometown with my siblings along side and my Dad driving steadily in front.  I looked in the windows of the homes lining our path.  I have always wondered what was happening behind the paned windows of the homes we passed.


Are there two nicely round people sitting in front of the big screen holding hands and feeling safe and secure?  Is there a family at odds with one another fighting the battle that is so often found with teenaged children?  Is there a woman who sits alone with a dog at her feet mourning the passing of her husband at too young an age?  Just what are the stories of those who live ordinary lives within?


What I do know is that I often was envious of those unknown people behind the soft ecru drapes waving in the open window.  I thought that of course everyone else had more of what they wanted in life and poor old me was stuck in the back wedged between my older and much luckier brother and sister.  I felt like I was “less then” everyone else who surrounded me.  I thought that of course I would like more.


Today I am grateful for what is my life.  I am thankful for what I have and do not focus on what is missing.  I count my blessings that I have the resources to live on my own and be surrounded by people who I love and who love me.  I am confident that I will make the most of this day with all the mystery and challenges that are in my path.  I welcome the sunrise and sunset.


- Beverly Tobocman

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