Our Past Can Transform Others’ Future

As this 2011 year draws to a close I am bombarded by so many conflicting emotions. At one end of the spectrum I have experienced a set of losses that actually take my breath away as I reflect upon them. I really have to remind myself to keep inhaling and exhaling deeply and completely.


When I do not keep my awareness in the front of my consciousness, being present in the moment, I find myself slipping down a very steep path into self pity and fear. In so many areas of my life I did not get what I wanted…and instead, I am left with what I have.


So how do I view this new year of 2012 that I am facing? Have the experiences in my past prepared me to make some special contributions to the world around me? Can I focus on this as a gateway to transformation in my life and in those who I am lucky enough to touch?


I am making the decision to embrace this next period of my life and view it as a huge opportunity to grasp the beauty in the world around me which includes appreciation of myself.


I encourage all of us to preserve our physical and mental health so we can vigorously live out the adventure of new challenges yet to reveal themselves. Let’s take this journey together and commit ourselves to live with gratitude and passion.


I send you all many hugs and warm wishes for a wonderful new year and that each of us finds the contentment that we seek!

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